84” 4K UHD Outdoor TV Catches Attention at InfoComm 2016 Show

For those not familiar, InfoComm is the largest annual gathering of audio-visual professionals “in the western hemisphere” as described by Infocommshow.org. Industry technologists & visionaries – from established Sony & Samsung brands to scrappy start-ups – attended InfoComm 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 4 – 10, 2016, to show-case their a/v innovations or research the latest-and-greatest a/v products.

SunBriteTV – with digital signage companion-brand, SunBriteDS – took to the exhibitor floor, booth N1347, to officially introduce the newest, largest-screen outdoor TV in its product line. The all-weather 84″ 4K UHD Pro Series outdoor display / outdoor TV won an award as Commercial Integrator’s ‘Best Products of 2016’. AV Network recognized the 84″ 4K UHD as ‘InfoComm Best of Show – Digital Signage’ and ‘InfoComm Best of Show’.

SunBriteTV  ‘Best Products of 2016’ award for the 84” 4K UHD.

SunBriteTV Dealer Support Specialist Cody Gates holds the ‘Best Products of 2016’ award for the 84” 4K UHD.

“The show was a great opportunity to share the benefits of SunBriteTV products – like being designed for permanent outdoor installation and having larger, powered media bays and brighter screens,” says Cody Gates, SunBriteTV Dealer Support Specialist.

Gates was one of several SunBriteTV representatives who fielded questions at the company booth during the three-day show.

“It was also great hearing from our resellers saying ‘Hey, we only use SunBriteTV products – they’re high quality and the customer support is great, too.’ It’s nice hearing that,” adds Gates.

Best Outdoor AV

Day 1, InfoComm16

Day 1, InfoComm16

The 38,800+ attendees of InfoComm 2016 were especially active on day one.

The SunBriteDS booth saw its share of integrators/resellers, company reps and A/V tech enthusiasts asking for outdoor display product information.

“Well, the most asked question was ‘What’s new?” shares Fred Sharp, SunBriteTV National Product Trainer who also met with show visitors.

“I enjoy telling people about the 84” 4K UHD, but especially about the 49″ Direct Sun Pro Series because it, too, is new … it’s thinner and has a bigger screen than the product it replaces. And we kept it at the same price. People seem to like that,” says Sharp.

That 49″ Pro Series – Direct Sun Outdoor TV – Lighter, Thinner

The NEW 49" Direct Sun Pro Series LED HDTV

The NEW 49″ Direct Sun Pro Series LED HDTV

The new 49″ Pro Series Direct-Sun LED HDTV is 25% lighter, with a larger screen than its replacement – the 47” Pro Series SB-4717HD. Even with the upgraded innovations, the 49″ Pro Series’ price did not increase. It’s now available to order.

Best of Show (in photos)

An #AVSelfie in front of the 84″ 4K UHD LED Pro Series:

SunBriteTV shares details of our outdoor display solutions, including the 42″ portrait-mode, outdoor DS-4217P with Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) technology for improved viewing under direct sunlight.

Three-panel 42

Three-panel 42″ portrait-mode display. DS-4217P.

Visit SunBriteDS.com for more commercial-grade, outdoor display products, specs and Contact Us request. We’ll respond to your questions within 48 hours.

The 32″ Signature Series featured in our rain-case received constant watering over the 3-day show. The slim-designed Signature Series outdoor LEDs engineered for permanent outdoor placement are popular in residential outdoor living areas, outdoor kitchens & entertainment areas.

32" all-weather Signature Series.

32″ all-weather Signature Series.

Another view of the new Pro Series 84″ 4K UHD outdoor TV, outdoor display. Ready to order & ship.

Passers-by admire the sleek design of the outdoor 84" SB-8418UHD.

Passers-by admire the sleek design of the outdoor 84″ SB-8418UHD.

“A lot of people liked our swag,” says SunBriteTV’s Gates. “Especially the micro-fiber cloth. You can use it to clean your glasses, cell phone, screen. That was pretty popular … but, still, not as popular as the 49″ and 84″ products.”:


Outside the Convention Center, the Las Vegas desert climate presented a challenge for some attendees. “It was hot,” reports SunBriteTV’s Sharp.

Outside the LV Convention Center. "But it's a dry heat."

Outside the LV Convention Center. “But it’s a dry heat.”

Yes, we can confirm the 100+ temps outside were toasty.

See you next year at InfoComm 2017.