It’s a TV for Outside!

Father’s Day is near and most everyone is brain-storming about the perfect gift for Dad. Offerings of ties, socks, hats are great … but, maybe this is the year he’s WOW-ed with an all-weather, outdoor television.

Five Top Reasons to Get Dad That Outdoor TV

5) Winter Woes Recovery. He’s just now shaking off the arctic blasts that kept the entire family indoors all winter. He shoveled snow, scrapped ice, brooded on weekends while staring out the window. He defiantly tried to grill during a Nor’easter – under a ski jacket, 12 hoodies and optimistic Bermuda shorts claiming, “It’s fine out here, really! I feel summer already!” It’s time to let him embrace the outdoors and soak-up some vitamin D.

Dad enjoys his outdoor time. Alabama WX Blog.

Dad enjoys his outdoor time. Alabama WX Blog.

4) Man Cave. He’d like a space outside … to entertain or just “chill.”

3) He’s a Techie. He wants to show-off his technology-side. What’s better than an outdoor 4K UHD TV that can withstand rain, heat, snow and food fights? He’ll love explaining how a SunBriteTV works and how placing an indoor TV outside is a common, yet amateur mistake.

2) Grill, grill, grill. Testing out his latest grill recipes without missing the game, news, Netflix or a House Hunters marathon. (We know he likes HGTV).

1) Family time! Weekends and holidays with the kids, pets, in-laws, family friends, all enjoying the outdoors without having to run inside to see “a play” “shot” “scene” or “inning” … it’s on outside!

Dad can feel confident that his new outdoor TV is rated “safe” – designed and engineered by SunBriteTV to withstand outside elements. It’s not an indoor television shelled in a case and disguised as an outdoor TV. SunBriteTV is a true, built-for-outdoors television.

Dad may also be surprised to get an all-weather TV that fits nicely into that outdoor patio nook, or hangs perfectly near the outdoor kitchen … or makes a grand statement on the deck. From 43″ to 65″ there’s a screen size to accent any outdoor area. A Pro Series 42″ screen size (SB-4217HD) allows even more flexibility when selecting the perfect outdoor TV for the perfect Dad. There’s also the new, affordable Veranda Series – perfect for outdoor areas under complete shade – like a porch or screened-in, partially enclosed patio.


Direct Sun or Shade?

That’s another question to ponder when purchasing Dad’s new outdoor television. A best position for an outdoor TV is an area with some cover – a shade tree, under an awning against a home or structure … a deck with an overhang, a covered or partially covered patio or gazebo.

SunBriteTV at home outside.

SunBriteTV at home outside.

The sleek, new Signature Series outdoor 4K UHD TVs look just like an indoor TV … with the ability to operate in temperatures down to -24 or up to 122 degrees F.

If Dad’s new outside TV will face the sun during his prime viewing time, the Pro Series is a best choice. SunBriteTV’s Pro Series includes EST technology (Enhanced Solar Tolerance), allowing the LED-LCD screen to face the sun for extended periods of time without experience an isotropic fail. Electronics screens under direct sun can be finicky, washed-out and un-readable. The Pro Series EST tech is designed to tolerate and guard against the isotropic problem.

The Pro Series can operate in temperatures down to -40 or up to 122 degrees F with an exterior of powder-coated rust-proof aluminum exterior for strength and durability.

You can find more information on a SunBriteTV all-weather television to fit your lifestyle at