SunBriteTV Finds Home in Ari Gold’s Outdoor Kitchen

We like “feel-good” attention. Who doesn’t? We’re flattered that actor/producer Jeremy Piven recently tweeted-out about his new SunBriteTV outdoor TV. Piven is the boyishly handsome star known for PBS Masterpiece Classic Mr. Selfridge … and as fast-taking Hollywood agent Ari Gold in HBO’s Entourage.

In his Tweet, Piven is seen in front of his new SunBriteTV on the rooftop deck of his New York City home – a perfect setting for outdoor living and get-togethers with friends.

Outdoor TV for Direct Sun

You ask: “What’s the weatherproof, outdoor television in the Piven photo?” It’s a SunBriteTV 55″ Pro Series SB-5517HD – which is NOW the updated Pro Series SB-5518HD.

The all-weather, ultra-bright SB-5518HD is designed for permanent outdoor placement. This outdoor TV is encased in a powder-coated rust-proof aluminum exterior to protect the delicate internal electronics. The SB-5518HD includes anti-reflective protective glass, a 700 NIT bright, full HD 1080p LED screen for improved outdoor viewing, and a unique multi-fan airflow system to keep the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F.

SunBriteTV Pro Series outdoor HDTVs also include high temperature Enhanced Solar Tolerance – or EST. This technology reduces isotropic blackout, or those black spots that occur when an LED screen meets direct sunlight (for example, your laptop computer or tablet at the beach).

Pro or Signature Series for Your Outdoor Living Space?

SunBriteTV for home is available in two flavors: Signature Series and Pro Series.

The best way to determine which Series is right for you is to consider where you will place your new weatherproof TV. If your preferred placement is under a shady area, or partially enclosed patio or deck, the Signature Series is best for you.

We’ve heard from some customers who like to move their TV around – from car-to-car at tailgate parties (in the back/truck with the hatch up), from pool-side-to-yard-at-night for flexibility at parties. A light-weight 32″ Signature Series HDTV with a table top stand has worked best for those situations.

Our newly re-designed Signature Series outdoor TVs – from 32” to 65” – are 50% lighter and thinner than previous Signature Series models.

Outdoor Living LED Signature Series

32″ – 65″ Outdoor LED Signature Series

These all-weather LEDs make a stylish impression and are great for outdoor living & entertaining. Signature Series HDTVs include:

  • built-in speakers
  • 2-year parts/labor warranty
  • weatherproof remote control
  • premium outdoor dust cover

If you plan to place your new outdoor TV facing the sun directly – such as mounted on a deck with minimal or no overhead shade, or on a pole mount in an outdoor open space – the Pro Series all-weather HDTV models are your best choice.

Pro Series for direct sun.

Pro Series for direct sun.

Pro Series outdoor TVs include:

  • 20 WATT detachable, weatherproof speaker bar
  • weatherproof remote control
  • 2-year parts & labor warranty

We don’t recommend installing any SunBriteTV models into bathrooms or enclosed saunas. Our HDTVs are not warrantied for those placements.

Accessorize for Outdoor Living

A key to strategic placement of your outdoor HDTV is the mount. Select a compatible articulating or non-articulating, all-weather, rust-proof mount offered by SunBriteTV. The right mount allows movement away from direct sun during certain times of day. A weather-resistant dust cover keeps the screen protected from scratches … and our weatherproof wireless transceiver can transmit full 1080p HD up to 30 feet … allowing an easier, wire-free outdoor TV set-up in many circumstances.

Spotlight on Weatherproof TV

You don’t have to be an accomplished actor to create an entertaining space outside with an outdoor hi-def TV. Outdoor living is a growing trend among home-owners who want the most out of their home square-footage, family time and outdoor entertaining … topping the “trending list” for outdoor living in 2015: outdoor kitchens, fire-pits, lighting and outdoor TV.