SunBriteTV poll reveals NFL, college football fans embrace outdoor TV to watch “the game” outside

It’s here. Football season. Pro and college. Packers, Bills and Browns … or Georgia State, Gators and Sooners.

ESPN reports 49% of Americans are pro-football fans and a Fox Sports poll finds that college football is loved, but not as much as pro. Thirty-five percent polled say pro football is #1, but 14% prefer professional baseball (MLB) … while 11% faithfully watch college football.

Yet, another poll – of our own SunBriteTV customers – finds all sports are a TOP viewing choice on their outdoor TV. In fact, 91% of those who purchased a SunBriteTV in 2014 say they plan to watch “sports” on their new SunBriteTV. Other viewing choices are “general programming” “news” and “special events.”

Customers also have outdoor living and outdoor entertaining plans. Forty-five percent say throwing a “super-bowl party” is in their future. About 40% say they intend to use their outdoor TV to help entertain during their outdoor grill parties, birthday parties or low-key “family hangouts.”


Ready for football season with a SunBriteTV outdoor HDTV.
Custom installation by Hi-Fi Sales, NJ.

Most folks just discovering the joys of outdoor television say they know exactly where to place their new Signature Series SunBriteTV. Preferences include:

    • 35% deck (under roof overhang or under built-in cover)
    • 20% outdoor patio
    • 18% near an outdoor kitchen / grilling area
    • 16% pool-side
    • 11% undecided or wish to move the TV around to separate outdoor areas (think “tailgating”)

And with our new, all-weather wireless HD transceiver, home-owners now have more options to wirelessly connect their weather-proof SunBriteTV to Hi-Def programming. The SB-HDWT can transmit full 1080p HD up to 100 feet (line-of-sight, unobstructed path between sending and receiving antennas), allowing outdoor access to Seahawks, Broncos or Colts games. All in!

Our SunBriteTV poll also found our outdoor TV owners enjoy an active lifestyle. Most participate in a sport or outdoor activity:

    • 52% – Golf
    • 13% – Hiking
    • 10% – Boating

A variety of additional outdoor activities made the list of favorites, including cycling, tennis and camping & boating.

Of those who responded to our SunBriteTV poll, 17% report watching their fav sports on a 55” Pro Series direct-sun-tolerant outdoor television … 40% are enjoying a 32” Signature Series weatherproof HDTV … and 21% are now fans of the 46” Signature Series model.