A SunBriteTV customer testimonial details what weatherproof TV is all about

Since designing and engineering the first SunBriteTV outdoor televisions in 2003, our passion is sharing the joy of outdoor TV and outdoor living, any time, any season.

Recently, one of our customers wrote to us – expressing delight about his SunBriteTV 32″ outdoor TV’s performance – especially during harsh Chicago weather. He invited us to share his experience:


205 N. Mich1gan Ave., Suite 2560 Chicago, Illinois 60601

Re: My compliments

Dear SunBriteTV:

Many customers may not bother to write to express how impressed they are with one of your products, and I usually wouldn’t either, but this time I. felt obligated. Last year, I purchased a SunBriteTV 32″ outdoor TV to use on our recently-remodeled roof deck. I never intended to bring it in for the harsh Chicago winter, but I also didn’t know we were about to experience one of the most brutal winters in history. In addition to a record-breaking number of sub-zero days (many approaching minus 30 degrees), we had more snowfall than I can recall in my adult life.

Put succinctly, even by Chicago standards, our winter was incredibly long, icy, windy and dangerously cold. The TV, perched high on a beam on our roof with virtually no cover, was exposed to the very worst of it. Therefore, before I attempted to tum it on a few days ago, I was all but certain that nothing- not even an “outdoor TV”- could survive all that. Needless to say, I was amazed (and delighted) that the TV turned on and worked perfectly as if nothing had happened during the six months since I last used it.

My compliments to the fine team of SunBrite engineers who designed and built such amazing device. I will happily recommend your products whenever I can.


James B. Zouras

Thanks, Mr. Zouras, for your story.

SunBriteTV is dedicated to customer service, product engineering and innovation. Our new weatherproof Signature Series LED outdoor TVs are now 50% slimmer than previous models, and include bright, full-HD 1080p screens for improved outdoor viewing. Designed to handle rain, salt-air, humidity, dust, heat and – as Mr. Zouras discovered – cold and snow.

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