All-Weather 47″ Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit is an alternative to costly kiosks

Outdoor digital signage displays no longer need go unprotected. SunBriteDS engineers have developed an innovative, anti-theft, safety cover kit to secure select SunBriteDS 47″ digital signage & TV models from vandalism and tampering.

Commercial outdoor venues often feel un-easy about placing outdoor TVs or digital signage displays in areas with a lot of foot-traffic. Strolling crowds and walk-bys are no longer a concern with the 47″ Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit.

“The shroud prevents vandalism in an open environment,” says SunBriteTV engineer, Jon Dry. “It can prevent theft of the TV it’s protecting because there are custom locking fasteners holding the TV and shroud secure.”

The locking, safety fasteners are custom-created for SunBriteDS. The fasteners cannot be adjusted without the specialty wrench that is included in the kit.

The kit also includes a deck pole and mount along with the protective cover assembly.

The weatherproof 47″ Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit (SB-SS47-BL) features:

  • industrial-grade (12 gauge) powder-coated aluminum construction will never rust
  • stainless steel hardware
  • UV tolerant powder coating for extended outdoor use

Kiosks can be Pricey & Awkward

The 47″ Anti-Theft Shroud Cover Kit is a cost-efficient alternative to high-priced kiosks. The kit is designed for use with our 47″ landscape digital signage models: the 47″ Marquees Series DS-4720L, the 47″ Pro Series Outdoor LED HDTV SB-4717HD, and the 47″ Pro Series Outdoor Touch Screen & Digital Signage DS-4717TSL.

The cover kit solution is well-suited for outdoor areas in need of a less intrusive experience than standard kiosks offer. “Standard kiosks are more monolithic in nature,” says Dry. “They create a large footprint that will block the view of surrounding areas. But the pole mounting technique of the SunBriteDS shroud has a less bulky feel. It does not feel like it is in the way or blocking view of surrounding areas.”

Outdoor Digital Signage Gets Easier

The Shroud Cover Kit – paired with our 47″ outdoor digital signage or HDTV model – creates “stand alone” units that can be peppered through-out a resort, stadium, amusement park or other outdoor application.

“Installation will be easier with our solution. The pole can be installed first, then the TV mounted, finally the safety shroud secured. A modular approach will be easy for two technicians to install,” adds Dry.

Cables utilized by the digital signage board or TV are safely covered and tucked-away so there is no “un-authorized” access from the outside.