Outdoor living trend now includes amazing outdoor TV options

Not long ago, entertaining outdoors meant dragging your indoor TV outside – regardless of safety issues, general inconvenience and voided warranties (indoor TVs will void their warranty if the TV gets “zapped” outside). If you wanted to watch the game outside with friends, the weather had to be perfect with no chance of water, salt air, insect invaders or sunlight.

As outdoor living becomes more popular, home-owners are seeking to move away from make-shift solutions to true outdoor spaces to entertain … or businesses to create environments to engage customers.

A Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey of architects shows “outdoor entertainment spaces” ranks high on the list of “expected popular outdoor designs” (92%).

SunBriteTV leads the way, again, with the latest in outdoor living – a massive 84″ 4K UHD television, one of the biggest and brightest UHD models in the outdoor TV industry. The SB-8414UHD is designed for permanent outdoor installation … with features that guarantee it will last through rain, shine, snow, humidity, ice, dust, and the occasional family food-fight. The engineered anti-glare 4K UHD screen fends off typical sun glare and is a refined viewing experience from any angle outdoors.

This 84″ electronics break-through is just one of several, sought-after, direct-sun tolerant Pro Series outdoor TVs offered by the leader in outdoor television. SunBriteTV also offers a line of sleek, slim Signature Series outdoor HDTVs designed for outdoor partial-shade placement (meaning, outdoor placement OK, but the screen shouldn’t face the sun directly).

“When will this be available?”

We’ve answered that question a lot lately. The SB-8418UHD is officially launched and ready to order.

The 84″ 4K UHD is available now to order on SunBriteTV.com … or call our customer support team (866) 357-8688. If you have a few questions about the product, fill-out the online form (no credit card needed).

From home AV enthusiasts seeking a sassy upgrade to a back-yard space to professional AV integrators seeking a commercial-grade, outdoor solution for their clients, the 84″ satisfies both groups. SunBriteTV engineers included features allowing flexibility of the unit, including:

  • Media bay power port powers media players without the need for external cords (5v@3.5amps / 12v@3amps)
  • Built-in HDBaseT with IR repeater for easy control integration
  • Supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, ensuring compatibility with the latest 4K sources and streaming services
  • Ultra-Bright (800 NIT) 84-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), LED screen with IPS (In-plane switching) technology for consistent, accurate color from all viewing angles
  • High temperature Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) technology helps prevent isotropic blackout
  • Powder-coated rust-proof aluminum exterior for strength and durability