Beach and pool-settings perfect for our durable, weatherproof, outdoor TVs


More proof why all-weather, outdoor TVs by SunBriteTV are rugged enough for decks, patios, cafes … as well as coastal resorts and ocean-side homes and businesses. AND why indoor TVs cannot tolerate outdoor conditions.

SunBriteTV engineers took a SunBriteTV 47″ Pro Series TV – the 4717HD LED HDTV – and placed it in a salt-fog chamber to simulate years of use under higher-heat, salt-weather conditions. It may look a bit informal, but the test methodology is highly scientific and rigorous. The salt-fog chamber is commonly used to test electronics and other products for their ability to withstand repeated, on-going corrosive conditions. The actual test was performed by National Technical Systems, or “NTS” in Santa Clarita, CA.

Salt-fog chamber. Simulates years of a salt-weather environment in just days.

All SunBriteTV models – from outside-savvy, all-weather, newly re-designed, thin LED Signature Series … to direct sun tolerant HDTV, digital signage Pro Series, and commercial-grade, high-NIT weatherproof digital signage Marquee Series – are designed, engineered and built for permanent outdoor installation. Each model is capable of operating in temperatures of -40 degrees to 120+ degrees.

Our test 47″ HDTV has a powder-coated aluminum exterior. All working components are tightly sealed within the unit. It’s the same unit available on or through an authorized dealer – to anyone, any time. No special preparation or adjustments were made to the unit before testing.

Here’s a look at our volunteer as testing begins:

all-weather TV test

Pro Series 4717HD. “Let the salt air surround me!”

Most fog tests run 48 hours. We went the distance at 3 times longer – and completed the duration without fail.

Our testing ran 168 hours, or 7 days … which is the equivalent to 3 years directly on the Gulf coast of Florida, the Jersey shore, or a beach in Australia.

The TV was left running continuously during the entire 7-day test. It was checked daily for operational performance. Each check confirmed the screen lit and TV working without fail, even though salt residue began to cascade over the unit – front and back.

Through a torturous salty haze, SunBriteTV continues to perform.

Weatherproof exterior protects interior components and HDMI connectors.

At the finish (7 days simulating 3 years of aging under salt air conditions) … our 4717HD was completely operational. The outside took the brunt of the salt-air assault, leaving the internal inputs with very little wear-and-tear.

See the complete National Technical Systems (NTS) report PDF.

Internal connectors show minimal wear-and-tear.

As designed – and tested – SunBriteTV all-weather TVs withstand harsh outdoor environments to deliver a true outdoor HDTV experience. Rated “safe” for residential use – backyards, patios, outside kitchens … and commercial-grade quality for restaurants, transportation, resorts and outdoor stadium venues, 32” – 65” SunBriteTVs are available in a variety models for all outdoor living and outdoor entertainment expectations.