Outdoor TV’s weatherproof, wireless companion

It’s unique, handy and weatherproof. The SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver can “beam” HDTV programming from your indoor, non-weatherproof TV components (e.g. cable box) to your new, all-weather, outdoor SunBriteTV, creating a true wireless outdoor TV experience.

The SB-HDWT is a point-to-point system that transmits full 1080p HD up to 100 feet along an unobstructed path, reducing the amount of “cabling” needed to install your outdoor television for outdoor entertaining. Connect to your HD cable / satellite box, HD set-top box, Blue Ray DVD, DV-R or game console and take the A/V party outside.


Complete your outdoor home theater with wireless HD.

A must-have for DIY or highly customized outdoor home theaters within an outdoor living setting. The wireless transceiver is compatible with resolutions from 480p up to 1080p, and includes HDCP2.0 with video encryption for secure wireless streaming of your favorite NetFlix shows.


SunBriteTV engineers created the HD Transceiver for flexibility in rugged, all-weather conditions.

“The omni-directional antenna sets at the top of the receiver, the square part,” says SunBriteTV Engineer Jonathan Dry. “It’s designed to ‘see’ the transmitter from a patio area or anywhere in your yard within range.” Dry adds that the path from transmitter to receiver should be unobstructed for best results. The signal is able to transmit through walls and windows, although it may reduce the range.

The back of the receiver includes openings for the power cord (to the TV) to escape above, below or from the side of the receiver.

Receiver's back includes openings for its power cord.

Receiver’s back includes openings for its power cord.

“The receiver does not have to be attached to the TV. It can be mounted beside the TV, above it, or fastened on a wall near the TV,” instructs Dry. “It does come with a 15 foot power cord and a 15 HDMI cable, so you have options of where to place the receiver. It also comes with remote IR capability, that will enable you to use your source remote control outside. No more running into the house to change the channel or pause the movie!”

The SB-HDWT complete kit.

The SB-HDWT complete kit.

It is advised to keep the receiver upright (so, the SunBriteTV logo can be read). This position allows the weatherproof design to function efficiently and deliver the best quality HD signal to your outdoor television.


The new, complete SB-HDTW kit resolves a couple of issues that may have complicated outdoor entertaining in the past:

  • It opens up the ability to get additional content to your outdoor TV without setting up miles of wiring from your indoor home theater.
  • It allows an easier, DIY set-up for the home audio-visual enthusiast.

“I just set one up this weekend,” says SunBriteTV Customer Care and Tech Specialist, Kevin Kahm. “It took about 10 minutes.” Kahm offered advice for anyone new to the wireless transceiver. “Just read the Quick Start Guide. It’s pretty much plug-and-play.”

Here’s that additional tech info — Quick Start Guide [PDF] and tech specifications [PDF].

Of course, if you desire a custom installation – and would rather not handle the tech stuff – there are authorized SunBriteTV dealers / installers through-out the US and Canada that can assist in creating your dream outdoor living space.